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Salzburg Airport Train Transfers

City bus No. 2 frequently runs between Salzburg "Hauptbahnhof" (Salzburg Main Railway Station) and Salzburg Airport. It is the best option for getting to and from the airport and the train station.

Taxis are waiting outside the terminal to transport you to the Hauptbahnhof. It will take you about 15–20 minutes to make the trip. The typical cost of a trip into the city center, including any necessary deposits, is between 15 Euros and 25 Euros.

Hauptbahnhof Salzburg (Salzburg Main Railway Station)

The Salzburg Hauptbahnhof (German meaning Salzburg main station; abbreviated Salzburg Hbf and sometimes translated as Central Station) serves as the primary train hub for Salzburg, the capital of Austria's Salzburg Land federal state.

The station is the city's most significant train station and a major western Austrian transportation hub. Deutsche Bahn (DB AG) and Austrian Federal Railways (BB) operate long-distance and local trains via the station today. Motorail trains can load and unload passengers at the station.